Saturday, December 6, 2008

silver raven

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performed 1 November 2008
Korean National University of Arts, Seoul

audiovisual assistant: Yeong-Jeon Kim
lights: Eun-Mi Lee
stage manager: Tae-Hyeon Kim
video-registration: Seung-Hee Yang
special thanks to: Professor Jeong-ho Nam, Kazue Ikeda

A mediator-character between the realms of the living and the dead, but also still human being performing.
A poet who feels like a prophet, the inability to communicate what is felt. (Again I used words from "Kassandra" by Christa Wolf, she too is unable to communicate her visions and insights to the people around her, because of her profound disbelief and inability to commit to one direction)

As a choreographer I was interested in movement compounds, comparable to the Korean writing system of HanGeul, which are made up of several sub-units (Chinese characters work in a similar way, but are even more diverse, because some sub-units are used for sound others for meaning)

In terms of meaning this can be very easy for dance as long as there is no further specification: the associations can go many directions even from one single movement. Dance-technically this was rather difficult and I am more satisfied with the ending part in that respect.

The piece was very under-rehearsed and so the audience as well as myself were left with a feeling of a void when I ended it. I show the result for what it is.

Special thanks goes to Professor Jeong-ho Nam and Kazue Ikeda, who encouraged me to go for my artistic work fully, not holding back, which I managed to do during the performance.
Seung-hee Yang helped to make this registration possible...

Also, I would not have been able to get anywhere without the help of all the people listed above, as well as many more students and people at the university who each did their part in getting everything ready.

Kamsa Hamnida! (thank you)

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MarcelloDL said...

Hi Thomas,
I found your work very poetic...The assembling of, what I perceived, diverse units of movement, was at times very surprising and rich, at times as cut, and i would have liked to see more a blending of it. I think your work has a grat potential, I adored the delicacy of your interpretation, and the movement research. For sure a video is not a live performance...I wish that you can go further with it and my sincere compliments!!
Laura Della Longa ( Ex DU Arnheim)