Wednesday, December 17, 2008

last minute

it's time to round up.
there is a last exam-class, the last pedagogy-class with Prof. Nam, saying goodbye to students, staff & people in Seoul. there was a very nice dinner after the exam-class with everybody of the entire Department of Choreography, to finish off the year. I even had to give an improvised speech, but had lost my socks, so I did it bare-footed, which is not so polite in Korea... I used the moment and told the students that more than in any single form, I believe in that something which can create many forms, and that this is what I focus on as a teacher. Dept. of Choreography at Korean National University of Arts can be such a place to study and train this ability.

I meet and have a wonderful Indian dinner with Hee-kyeong Nam and Hee-ah Choi, two dance-therapists that studied with my friend Dr. Meg Chang. we discuss about Kinetic Awareness®, authentic movement and dance-therapy in Korea.

there are many brochures and notes to bring back with me to Rotterdam. they are all too heavy and I have to send them by post.

I have a last dinner with a small group of students at my favorite Kimchee-restaurant
(naebang station, exit 3, turn right, second block 02) 598-9492) **

Suna Choi of Seoulfringefestival has brought me in contact with some interesting people (among them Momggol who also have ties to the 'Lunatics' in the Netherlands, and Trustdance)

I made a last-minute visit to Noridan at Haja Center A center for young people who try to find alternatives to the regular scheme of school - university - job. Instead they create their own jobs and they are very successful with it. There is an alternative drumming group who work with recycled materials, an organic cooking school, a social enterprise institute. They all work towards the future and I could feel a very inspiring energy at their presentation.

** Prof. Nam and students and me had some wonderful dinners in our favorite Tofu restaurant BaengNeyonOk 백년옥 2407 Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Nambu Bus Terminal Stn. Exit 4-2 on Subway Line 3), 10am–10pm +82-2-523-2860 - it's just across from the KNUA compound, off Nambu Bus Terminal - very recommended! ~

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