Monday, October 20, 2008

silver raven - voyager

On November 1st I can present two short works at Korean National University of Arts, (metro: Nambu Bus Terminal, exit 3)

6pm until maybe 6.45pm
studio 105,
free admission

special thanks to:
Prof. Nam Jeong-Ho, Yang Seung-Hee, the tech-crew of students, Hayley Bae, Kazue Ikeda, and many more people who have made this concert possible with their help and support ...

Saturday November 1st, is All Saints Sunday November 2nd is All Souls Day. Both days are related to the coming of winter, death, spirits...

There will be two pieces:
- a solo that I dance myself
- a piece that we all do together

silver raven is a new version of my older solo "Raven".
I created the old solo when I was an artist-in-residence at the Kinetic Awareness® Center, New York City in 2005.

This new version comes from my experience of Korea / Asia / the University / KNUA.
There is a new layer, more maturity, but also a different meaning.
An Agent between Life and Death...

voyager is a new piece.
It is made to the video " Voyager" by Daft Punk and Leiji Matsumoto from the music-anime "Interstella 5555"

This dance should be done by us all together.
> When the music starts and the drums play, just move up and down like you would in a disco or at a party.
> After a while think of somebody in your life who has died, and continue to dance.
Maybe your dance will change a bit...

Here is the video (YouTube):

This piece is inspired by the Death Festivals in Mexico.
There are many celebrations like this, and in many cultures around the world. Most of them happen when Winter comes, or Summer.

For example, in Korea there is Chuseok, where the family comes together to give thanks for the harvest and invites the spirits of the family-ancestors to join them in a very special and very prescribed meal.

For this piece I am interested to have something sacred and something commercial at the same time. This is also the reason why I chose the Hanja for the concert: I was informed that it mainly means 'business', but sometimes it can also mean ' action' , or even ' karma' ... (it is also my guiding sign for this trip to Korea)

I hope you will come and join in... ^^

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