Wednesday, September 24, 2008

technique comes from movement research!

I notice especially the younger students as very form/shape-oriented. Learn a specific shape, that is also the content, that is the thing you need to know. What makes all this especially difficult is that I don't speak Korean, they hardly understand or speak any English. So all learning is very sensory and/or imitative.

Also it seems to be more a matter of learning a certain kind of alphabet of forms (rote learning?) rather than methods that are applied in different ways. So if they repeat one set of movements continuously they will learn their own way within that set of movements, usually tests for certain goals / abilities. (I compare this with my tai-chi experiences, where I simply do what the teacher does, time after time again and understand more each time, depending on my eagerness to study.)

I would like to guide them to think for each situation anew, to be able to do movement research. How can I get them to study the research of movement, each time anew, find as many different forms as possible, based on a single principle?

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